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As an entrepreneur, the no.1 mistake you make is to allow LOSS to catch you by surprise. When that happens all you can do is react to the change.

You’re in a constant rat race against your PROFIT.

A CFO helps you visualise, expect and plan ahead. CFOs are not accountants, or bookkeepers; they are the guardian angels of your profit! And they make the difference between a business that wings it and one that cashes in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!


When you sign up to any of the KARE CFO programs,


Understand your cash infusions

Work out your true daily rate

Understand what’s losing you money

Refresh your budget and expenses

Increase your profits in a healthy way

Reduce or remove debt

Scale with ease, hire a team and make sure salaries are in every month

We will help you


This is a full partnership for the next 12 months, where we work together to discover and redefine your 7-figure self. You will be ready to take your business past the $1M mark. And for the next 6 - 12 months, I will help you figure out the missing steps that will turn your dream into reality.

The Strategic CEO’s Roadmap past $1M
For 7 figure businesses


1-2-1 Partnership

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THE all inclusive Finance Package
For 5 & 6 figure businesses

Finance Discovery & Goal Setting


This is a foundation self-study program designed to teach you the A-Z of your profit growth. We clean, we build, we make room for growth. Within 5 - 8 weeks you’ll know exactly what your next decisions should be!



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Traditionally, the role of a CFO has been to advise powerful corporations on profit, growth and scenario modelling. BUT THAT IS NO LONGER THE CASE...

KARE CFO is challenging the corporate model and putting the power back into the hands of small business leaders across the US and further.

This is for you if...

You have a successful 6 figure business

You are ready to take your business to the next level of growth

You’ve been operating like a multi-mil. $ CEO ever since you started

You feel you are ready to hire, but you need the numbers to validate it

You want the financial stability so that you can continue to fulfill your mission!

THERE IS JUST ONE                   

Finances are overwhelming! You have no time to understand all this, and frankly you don’t really want to…That's why we are here to help!



Admira Adovic


Award-winning CFO with 10+ years experience
Business Economics degree from Oakland University
Masters in Accounting at City University of New York
Trustee with the CFO Leadership Council for diversity & inclusion



Admira has been a great, independent, and fact-based partner who helped me run a better business. She's challenged me with strategic questions, provided detailed analysis, and helped me implement key decisions. At the height of the pandemic, she was on the phone with me at night and on weekends helping me with applications to ensure we had needed liquidity. And as we continue to grow she's helping me to implement the systems, processes, mindset, and goals to ensure we can see way over the horizon financially, and that I make sure I get rewarded too. 

Ben Brooks

All you have to do is talk to Admira for 5 minutes to get that she's not just about the numbers, she's passionate about them. She's passionate about the numbers because she knows that when entrepreneurs understand their numbers and track them, they begin to know freedom. Once an entrepreneur understands and starts using their numbers like the dashboard of a car, they can get back in touch with their sense of mission and purpose and that's what matters most to them and to Admira. She's an amazing combination of detail, big picture, and deep caring, which is rare in any human being. I recommend her highly.

Richard Heller

I’ve worked with Admira for nine years. What I love about her is that she fully understands the challenges small businesses face in planning their finances. Admira has proven herself, time and time again, able to create order from chaos. She drove our formal compliance work such as adopting GAAP revenue recognition rules.

 She also taught us how to get better snapshots of day-to-day company performance by creating standardized monthly accruals, capitalization of our R&D work, and consolidated financials using normalized adjustments for fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. She is adaptable and fearless, and I am thankful every day to work with her.

Ben Engber

I have had the fortunate experience of working with Admira for almost a decade. In that time she has grown from a solid controller level accountant to a competent and impactful CFO. Her ability to connect with clients and understand, even anticipate, their needs is always spot on. And she always goes the extra mile to develop tools and reports that help clients manage the turbulence that is unavoidable in running a business. I hear she's developing and building an online course. Sign me up!

Howard Karp

It was a normal day at the office; contracts to review, tasks to delegate, orders to fulfill yet Rebecca was at her desk staring frustrated at yet another email in a long chain. This back and forth with her CPA had been going on for a few days now and it was going nowhere fast. All her financial projections were sat in a spreadsheet that the CPA was filling up with comments and highlights. It was just overwhelming. 

Over the past few weeks, her gut feeling was telling her the business was growing rapidly and she could see her business resources were quickly exhausted. She was convinced her staff was fully billable too. But her checking account and QuickBooks couldn’t give her any insight. At the end of this long email chain, the CPA couldn’t either.



More importantly it wasn’t giving Rebecca the answer to an essential question: can I hire a new person? 

That's when she came to me.

So we rolled up our sleeves and did a spring clean-up through the data. With financial documents all in place and her business figures sitting tidy, she could see things clearly for the first time. No more highlights and endless comments. Just clarity.

This detective work revealed that her staff was 40 - 50% billable. With this insight we put targets in place for better time utilisation, instead of hiring more staff. Biggest question out of the way we set out for the future.

We built 3 basic models for projections. This gave her the knowledge ahead of time for projected losses. This means that when the pandemic hit, Rebecca’s business was going strong and steady.

With cash flow and balance sheet projections we also discovered a lot of “invisible” debt in accounts receivable. Now being aware of the short of cash months, she could collect what was owed and insure a steady cash infusion even when loss was expected.

At this stage we are more focused on modelling scenarios based on external factors that could affect sales. We also check the projections against reality, set targets and think strategically about the year ahead.

Now Rebecca can have true control over her business, adapt fast and focus on the big picture, with decisions based on facts, not assumptions.