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That’s why we empower our clients to take control of their profits so they can work on making the world a better place. These stories are not about figures and financial statements, but about risk, struggles and determination. As trusted partners to each and one of our clients we were there through the most humane story of all: making a difference in the world.


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More than just a security business, Dahlcore Security is a veteran-owned small business serving some of the biggest venues in NY. But beyond building a business Ian Dahlcore was building a legacy, while supporting fellow veterans along the journey. First, we had to tackle a fast-growth problem that would threaten to break his business and peace of mind. 

" Admira is my best kept secret"


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An executive coach whose ethos is helping people realize their true potential, Ben Brooks created PILOT, an award-winning innovative platform that helps HR leaders connect better with their employees. Over the course of 2 years, we transitioned to CFO partners as the company matured, but Ben was not always comfortable to spend… 

“Like a doctor with a good bedside manner” 



A Chicago-based entrepreneur with a purpose, managing both a profit business and a non-profit with deep ties into the community, Debra Giunta of The Brainchild Collective needed some serious visibility into her finances. Messy accounts, a not-so-great financial year, a board to account to and yet Debra remained calm and confident even through stormy waters!

"Looking back, I should have hired KARE sooner"


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All you have to do is talk to Admira for 5 minutes to get that she's not just about the numbers, she's passionate about them. She's passionate about the numbers because she knows that when entrepreneurs understand their numbers and track them, they begin to know freedom. Once an entrepreneur understands and starts using their numbers like the dashboard of a car, they can get back in touch with their sense of mission and purpose and that's what matters most to them and to Admira. She's an amazing combination of detail, big picture, and deep caring, which is rare in any human being. I recommend her highly.

Richard Heller

I’ve worked with Admira for nine years. What I love about her is that she fully understands the challenges small businesses face in planning their finances. Admira has proven herself, time and time again, able to create order from chaos. She drove our formal compliance work such as adopting GAAP revenue recognition rules.

 She also taught us how to get better snapshots of day-to-day company performance by creating standardized monthly accruals, capitalization of our R&D work, and consolidated financials using normalized adjustments for fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. She is adaptable and fearless, and I am thankful every day to work with her.

Ben Engber

I have had the fortunate experience of working with Admira for almost a decade. In that time she has grown from a solid controller level accountant to a competent and impactful CFO. Her ability to connect with clients and understand, even anticipate, their needs is always spot on. And she always goes the extra mile to develop tools and reports that help clients manage the turbulence that is unavoidable in running a business. I hear she's developing and building an online course. Sign me up!

Howard Karp